Thursday, 17 January 2019


  High quality Specification Drainage Products. Roof drains, Floor drains, Cleanouts etc .    

Pressure Reducing Valves, Backflow Preventors, Water Hammer Arrestors.


Pressure Reducing Valves, Backflow Preventors, Water Hammer Arrestors.


Grease,Oil and Solid
Interceptors with special acid resistant coating. Available ex stock


Perma-Trench lightweight, easy to install Trench Drain systems.
Available ex stock


Aquaspec. Full range of Commercial Faucets specifically for health care and food service industries.

   Polypropylene acid and corrosion resistant Drainage Systems    Lee Copper Pipes for
Plumbing, ACR and Medical gas. Types L, K and ACR. Available ex stock.

Full range of Copper Fittings
in inch sizes. Available ex stock.


Lead free solder wire, flux, brazing rods etc. Available ex stock

   FOAM -Class 1 foam insulation for copper pipe, sizes 1/2" to 4" Available ex stock    

High quality Pipe support Systems manufactured from cold rolled carbon steel and tested to European standards and American Standards. Available ex stock

   Full range of Bronze and Cast Iron valves from one of the world's
leading manufacturers. Available ex stock

All types of Access Panels, Roof Hatches and Floor Covers from USA specifically designed for fire and moisture resistant requirements.


Complete range of Passive Fire Stopping Projects. Availableex stock.


Comprehensive range of Washroom Accessories for Hospitals, Universities and other Commercial buildings.


High quality cast brass and stainless steel Floor Drains and Cleanouts. Available ex stock


Test plugs, drain cleaning and testing equipments. Available ex stock.